Honeymoon package

Whether or not a visa is required for a honeymoon package depends on the destination country and the nationality of the couple. If the destination country requires a visa for visitors, then the couple will need to apply for a visa before traveling, regardless of whether they have booked a honeymoon package or not.

It's important to check the visa requirements of the destination country before booking a honeymoon package, and to ensure that the couple has sufficient time to apply for and obtain a visa before their travel dates. Some countries may require additional documentation or have specific requirements for tourist or honeymoon visas, such as proof of marriage or a letter of invitation from the hotel or tour operator.

Travel agencies or tour operators that offer honeymoon packages may also provide assistance with visa applications and can provide guidance on the specific requirements for the destination country.

Overall, it's important to carefully research and plan for any visa requirements before booking a honeymoon package, to avoid any issues or delays with travel plans.